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As Selcap Plastik, which has been a pioneer in the Plastic Cap Industry since 1993 with technology and innovation, our biggest passion is the plastic cap by saying Customer Smile. We are proud to serve you, our valued customers, with our great passion in the sector.

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With solutions for plastic cap industries since 1993

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We have gained the trust of many of our customers by maintaining and improving the standards of our service and product quality..


As Selcap, we have created a reliable impact with our strong fundamental principles that reflect our dedication..


As selcap, we show an accelerated development, innovation and R&D in a dynamic and innovative way..

Consumer Convenience

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction with Easy-to-Use Closures Correct closure can make the difference in customer satisfaction. As Selcap, we are a trusted solution provider with a local presence and global reach. We bring generations of experience to the development of closures that protect products and increase usability.


Product Integrity

Innovative Solutions to Protect Products Against Tampering or Misuse For generations we have designed covers that balance safety, security and usability. Our experienced team has developed a wide range of off-the-shelf, market-leading closure solutions that protect both products and consumers.


Customization and Decoration

Find New Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd In a market saturated with options, can consumers identify your product quickly and easily? With Selcap's customized covers, they can.



A Crucial Aspect of Modern Packaging Design Sustainable packaging design is becoming more important as consumers, regulators and stakeholders increasingly hold companies responsible for their waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Selcap can help you develop solutions that maximize the product experience while minimizing waste.




We are with you at every step of the process


For decades we have worked to invent, develop, manufacture, market and consistently supply the world's best caps and dispensers. Develop solutions for your needs Ensure optimum use of lightweight materials Integrate post-consumer resins (PCR) whenever possible Design for recyclability Customized prints, embossings and foils help drive brand differentiation

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In-house mold production ensures confidentiality while allowing us to control the consistency of the product. As a global closure supplier, we need to ensure delivery of the same products to each customer location. Spare parts for mold maintenance should be guaranteed. We are proud to serve by producing our own molds.


SELCAP is certified according to a recognized GFSI (global food safety initiative) standard and ISO 9001. To reduce our environmental footprint, we invest in state-of-the-art efficient production equipment that minimizes waste and energy consumption. Our continuous improvement processes define production best practices and continuous corrective or improvement action programs, ensuring clean and efficient production.


Selcap Plastic Cover Solutions

Consumer Convenience Maximizing Customer Satisfaction with Easy-to-Use Closures